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Sculptor professional for 20 years, Patrick Berthaud is an eclectic .

From academic training, Companion of Tour of France, he enjoys a solid background in classical sculpture, including acquired yards in Cathedrals. This allows him to carry out regularly busts, statues and gargoyles for private iindividuals or local authorities.
But it is curious and does not limit itself to a material: stone, and a style: the figurative. He leaves take over the controls or her moods, to more unknown shores. The stone leaves room for resin, bronze or terra cotta. He jump from the scaffolding  to art galleries and his pieces are exhibit iin Paris, Lyon, Montreux, Freiburg and Barcelona.
Finally, because one day is never quite full, it pass know-how on and provides training workshop, under the Continuing Professional Training.


Patrick Berthaud - 27, vieux chemin - 68140 Eschbach au Val - France - Tel : +33 (0)3 89 27 40 30 - +33 (0)6 07 25 50 32